Making African children Realise Their Hopes and Aspirations


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We are an independent small charity and what few months ago seemed impossible, namely opening Martha's Academy and concluding the first academic year, giving 100 kids a chance to succeed, has happened thank to the generosity of our beneficiaries. 
We believe there is no dream big enough if we all dream together and make our contribution to see it realised. It doesn't matter if it is a small or big sum, whatever donation you can afford to make will make a huge impact on our the children at Martha's academy and will be accepted with heart felt thanks. 

How to donate (Online, cash and bank transfer options available, scroll down to find out more). 


It takes seconds follow the steps below 
1) Click on the DONATE button below and will be redirected to the "Givey" website;

On Cash or bank transfer:

If you would like to make your donation on cash or by bank transfer, we would really welcome any amount. For further details just ring the numbers below or email us at [email protected]



2) To make a donation, you don't need to have an account, just select "Continue as quest" below the log-in boxes;

3) The next page shows a series of preferences related to the Givey platform, you can complete this if you want or proceed to the donation  by pressing "Skip this step";
4) Select the amount you wish to donate, whatever you can afford. Click "Next Step:Gift Aid" to continue;

Tip: If you are unsure on what huge impact your donation can make here are some quick numbers: monthly salary of a teacher £30, one meal a day, monthly £100, expanding out intake to one more class £50 (a month). 
These are incredibly small numbers that will change the life of MORE THAN 100 children. But we need much more to realise even bigger projects, if you want to know more, please see our "mission and vision page.

5) If it applies to you, namely if you are a UK taxpayer, do remember to check all the boxes related to the Gift Aid, is a cost free way for you to give us an extra 25% extra on top of the value of your donation (e.g. If you donate £10 we will receive £12.50, and you won't pay the extra £2.5) 

6) YOU HAVE DONE IT! Thank you so much, that was quick wasn't it?! 
Now just proceed to checkout and take few extra seconds to insert your card details and your donation will be received. 

We would really like to thank you in person, so please let us know that you donated *or just write us a message, we always like to know who our supporters are) by inboxing us at: [email protected]
FEEDBACK AND ISSUES: email [email protected]