Making African children Realise Their Hopes and Aspirations


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To end poverty through free education.
Giving access to free education at all levels to the children of Ekenobizi (Nigeria), coming from poor families, abandoned or orphans. 

Mission: Goal 2020

Providing free secondary education 

By creating a charity based in Morecambe and Lancaster with the aim of fulfilling the Dream in Ekenobizi ( Abia State ) Nigeria

By raising an initial fund of £5000 to enable registration with the Charity Commission and undertake a preliminary feasibility study into the viability and sustainability of the project

To develop support in the community of Ekenobizi for the project.

To have an ongoing fund raising program in Lancaster and Morecambe, throughout the United Kingdom and in Nigeria to finance the project.

To obtain land in Ekenobizi large enough to accommodate a school and school farm.

To build and equip a four classroom school for approximately 100 children aged between four and eleven at a cost estimated at this stage of approximately £40,000.

To staff the school with four teachers and a caretaker with support from a team of local volunteers at an annual cost estimated to be in the region of £7000

To develop a school farm for the provision of food to the school and the education of the children and adults in good farming practice.

to provide ongoing support on a year by year basis for the project until it is fully supported by the local community.