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There are so many ways you can help us realise the dream and grow: 


We accept both online and cash donations. Making a donation of any amount is simple and quick, to find out how, go to the section "Donate" that appears on the on the drop-down menu when you position your mouse over "Help us" on the navigation bar above. Any sum you can afford donating will be welcomed with hearth felt thanks.


Friends, family, colleagues or anybody you know. You will be surprised to know how many people out there, like you and us, want to help and make a change and are interested in our cause but don't know how! 

There are so many ways you can share it:

-Simply spread the word to people, direct them to our website if they are interested to know more;

-Print one of our events flyer and drop them at your workplace or give them to people you know;

- Share our social media content by following our Facebook page 


If you are keen to run the extra mile to help us, why don't become one of our fundraisers?

Being a fundraiser is a bit different from being a beneficiary, it means that you will collect donations yourself from other people or, likewise, organize events and activities to collect money.

Amazing, isn't it?! A fundraiser is another pair of arms to get the money we need to run our projects and will help us realise everything faster and better.

You are now wondering how you can do it? Here are some hints, but any idea you could have will be welcomed!

-Collect money from your friends by organising a small house party/ cake sale.

-Get rid of all those extra items by setting up a garage sale, it's a great idea to gather funds and make some room at home!

-Bake a cake and bring it to work/friends gathering and ask for a small contribution for every slice, everybody loves cake and baking is a good way to relax!

-Help us organise an event, any idea will be very much appreciated! 

You can become a fundraiser for M.A.R.T.H.A.'s through our Givey platform, click here to find out more. Remember you can always contact us for more information. 


We organise events throughout the year, pack parcels with school material to send to Martha's Academy and run various activities and always welcome people willing to employ their spare time helping us. Please, get in touch via email to find out more about how you can help. Thank you for your interest.

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