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Update on Mark

We received an e-mail from Mr. Ben Ezinma from the Child Rights Information Network who has offered help to the 8 year old boy Mark, the child who appears in our case study. Ben will be in contact with Mark very soon and hopefully his plight will be vastly improved from now on. Ben has also offered to be in partnership with our project and so will be working directly with us. This is great news as this will be another way to raise awareness of the tremendous struggle that many Nigerian children suffer day to day. Too many people see the stories and videos which show the pain and suffering of people throughout the world and discuss with family and friends how awful this is but when it actually comes down to helping, they turn a blind eye and do nothing. Here at M.A.R.T.H.A. you do have an option of helping, and I would encourage all who read this to contact us and offer help, no matter how little you may think it is, it will make a massive difference. Please support and raise awareness to all your family and friends. One e-mail has made a massive difference to Mark, that's how quickly things can happen when people genuinely want to help. 

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