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Letter from the trustee read by the school coordinator at the Nursery Graduation Ceremony, 2018. 

Children from Nursery 3 enjoying some activities in PE between lessons

Making snacks, ready for the mid morning break. 

Boys enjoying activities during PE

The children enjoying a well deserved lunch time 

Children from Nursery singing some happy songs, 2018

Children from Martha's Dream Academy sending their thanks to St Bernard's Roman Catholic School (Preston) for the donation received. The pupils at St Bernard's spontaneously collected money for their peers in Nigeria, such act of kindness filled everybody with joy. 2018

Budding Newsreaders in the making!!

PTA meeting. A parent requests that transport for children. in outlying areas be provided, if possible. This is on our wish list and hopefully we will be in a position to provide transport, in the near future.

Basic science and technology class. Children learning the movements of animals

Cooking Jolof rice to make sure the children get at least one meal per day.

This is essential for the children. Attendance has been excellent since the provision of food was offered. This could well be the only meal these children eat each school day.

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