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At Martha's Dream Academy we are committed to helping the most vulnerable in society to access a first class education and help them break the circle of poverty. This creates the strong foundation they need to succeed in life. An educated child can offer the help and support to the whole family and wider community, opening up opportunities never before accessed.

Please take this opportunity to make a real impact on a child's future with an offer to sponsor one of our students.

For as little as £6 per month, you can give someone a gift of a brighter future and relieve the stresses that poverty and daily struggles bring. Just think of the wonderful opportunities you will open to our children. 


1. Chose a child to sponsor

2. Set up a standing order of min. £6 per month to 

Martha’s Dream

HSBC Lancaster

Sort Code: 40-27-02

Account Number: 11806394

3. Contact us at

to finalise the arrangements and make the sponsorship effective. 


Read the stories of our children and choose one you feel you would like to sponsor:

Okezie Chikaima

Okezie is being raised by his mother. His father's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Jonas Victory

Jonas is 10 years old. Jonas's Mother re-married but her Step Father rejected her. The consequence of this was that she was unable to attend school. Without the support of Martha's Dream she would have no opportunity of an education.

Kelechi Ije

Kelechi is 9 years old. His family lives in abject poverty with no chance of his family being able to afford school fees.

Osinachi Ije

Osinachi is the younger sister of Kelechi. She is 7 years old.

Nmesoma Desmond

Nmesoma is 7 years old. She is being raised by her mother, a single parent.

Wisdom Desmond

Wisdom is the elder brother of Nmesoma. Wisdom is 8 years old. Wisdom has Down Syndrome and was rejected by several schools simply because they considered him not "normal". Martha's Dream did not reject him and he is now slowly gaining in confidence through 1 to 1 support. 

Goodness Elisha

Goodness is being raised by her mother, a single parent who sells used wears to support her daughter.

Daniel Chiehiura

Daniel's mother unfortunately died during his birth. Daniel is an orphan and is being cared for by an elderly lady in the nearby community.

Precious Onyekwere

Precious is 6 years old. Her mother is a single parent who suffers from a mental illness. She is unable to provide any kind of support to her children.

Chibueze Onyekwere

Chibueze is the elder brother to Precious. He is 10 years old.

2. Set up a standing order to

Martha’s Dream

HSBC Lancaster

Sort Code: 40-27-02

Account Number: 11806394

and commit to just


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