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  • Abandoned by his family

  • Accused of being a witch

  • Nowhere to sleep or stay

  • Begging for food

  • NO Life

  • NO Happiness

  • NO Future

  • NO Love 

Mark as he was found, chained outside the house. Photo taken in 2012.

Mark was born on the 1st April 2005 at Uzuakoli, Abia State, Nigeria. Mark was born after 2 siblings had died both within 12 months of being born. Mark's mother and father separated due to the mother insisting she was a witch. She told her husband she couldn't repent because her father was a native doctor and would die if she confessed to this. Mark's father sent him away with his mother but in 2008 she sent him back. Mark was sent to several schools but every time, the schools refused to educate him due to his disruptive behaviour. Mark's father re-married but his second wife died, 8 months into her pregnancy. Due to the belief that Mark is to blame for this death due to evil spirits within him, he has been abandoned and left to fend for himself. 

This includes sleeping in the street and begging food from whoever has pity on him. When Mark tries to find shelter away from the street he is often chased away or manhandled. No child in this day and age should be subjected to these conditions. It is our wish that Mark and many more like him can be helped through M.A.R.T.H.A. This is a familiar story throughout rural Nigeria and it is through spreading these appalling stories and making people aware, that we will succeed in our school project. Please, for Mark and children like him, help in any way you can. Nothing will change unless people are aware of the desperate plight of children who are subjected to life without hope and love. Mark has a dream, he just wants a life without suffering. Is that too much to ask ?

In October 2017, after a long time, Mark was seen wondering around the streets of the village in a state of complete confusions. Emmanuel, our project coordinator at the School, immediately fed him and conquered his trust, so to bring him for medical checks in the most timely manner. Generous donations from UK beneficiaries allowed us to give mark a complete health assessment and provide him with food and shelter, where he is now slowly staring to recover form the deep psychological damage his story has caused.

For the boy's safety we have changed his real name.


He should have started High School this year but due to family circumstances he helps his father on small jobs. When a job comes along, Kelechi's father makes little money. If, after the work there is any money that can be spared, Kelechi will attend school for a day. This is the trap many families find themselves in and never get the opportunities we all take for granted like a standard education. Please help children like Kelechi to realise their dreams.


Eugene is 13 years old and should be in secondary school. This photo was taken when Eugene was having to do a labouring job ( filling water tanks) to provide money for the family. This situation is very common in all communities and is the main contributing factor to the enormous level of uneducated children in Nigeria. Eugene's family will have no hope of escaping poverty unless they can gain a meaningful education . Eugene lives in Umuagu Obowo autominous community in Imo State. Eugene needs your help.

Who do we give hope to?

Mark, Kelechi, Eugene are just three typical children from Ekenobizi, like them there are many who are deemed to a life of poverty due to conditions they have found themselves into at birth. 

We believe that there will always be hope as long as we can open our hearts and help stories like the one you can read here to be just harrowing tales of the past. 

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