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To end world poverty through free education.

By giving access to free first-class education at all levels to the children of Ekenobizi (Nigeria) who are denied education due to: abandonment, being an orphan, accusation of witchcraft, albinism, learning disabilities, extreme family poverty.  


To create a International Charity based in Morecambe and Lancaster with the aim of fulfilling the Dream in Ekenobizi, by creating a network of schools.

  • By raising £5000 every year to sustain the running costs of our school and provide free meals to the students;

  • By having an ongoing fund raising program in Lancaster and Morecambe, throughout the United Kingdom and in Nigeria to finance the project;

  • By gathering support in the community of Ekenobizi for the project.

To build our own school to accomodate Nursery, Primary and Secondary school aged children with the capacity to facilitate 300 children. 

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