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As today, M.A.R.T.H.A.'s dream, with the creation of Martha's Academy, is providing more than 100 children with free education. The school, comprising of a pre-school (3 Nursery classes) and a Primary School (from Primary 1 to 5), gives the possibility to access a better future to children coming from extremely poor families or orphans in rural Nigeria. 

In September 2017 the new academic year will be starting and we are planning on expanding out intake, as the success of Martha's academy has already spread across the region and more and more families are knocking on our school's door asking for their children to be admitted.

As our mission states, our work will not stop until every child in the world will be given access to free schooling, from Nursery to Secondary school. 

Some of the first children to join Martha's academy when it opened its doors in February 2017. Photo taken at the inauguration. 


So far, Martha's academy is situated in a building which is being rented by M.A.R.T.H.A.'s dream and employs four full time teachers, one headmaster and administrator and one cleaner, for a total monthly cost of salaries of N130,000 (~£270, subject to exchange rates variations).

Malnutrition and hunger are other big issue that affects the ability of a child to learn and attend school regularly, both because children have to work to pay for their food and a poor diet will affect the child's development. This is why we aim to provide one hot free meal a day, every day of the week. At the moment our efforts allow us to provide just two meals a week, for a total monthly cost of £50. By doubling this amount, our children could have a free hot meal to help them go through an intense day of school for the majority of the week! 

On top of keep running Nursery and Primary school, M.A.R.T.H.A. is working to realise what will be a big milestone for Ekenobizi and Nigeria at large: a free secondary school located in our very own building, where to host our Primary school as well as some housing spaces for homeless children.

We are now contracting to buy a plot of land adjacent to where Martha's academy is now. This project will need most of our efforts, but will be the bridge between the children of Ekenobizi and the future, allowing them to acess University and privileged job positions.

Proposed site for the new school. The children would have a big park surrounding the school to play in and attend open-air classes. Location: Ekenobizi, Umuopara, Nigeria. 

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